Partenariato Scolastico Multilaterale Comenius



Partenariato Scolastico Multilaterale COMENIUS 2013               

As the title implies, the proposed project incorporates the idea to entwine the fields of IT and International entrepreneurship. It will enable students from various countries to investigate the topic of  International Entrepreneurship in a digital world. Involvement with and cooperation with local businesses/universities and organisations as the Chamber of Commerce will provide the students with valuable knowledge and skills.
The proposed project “Virtual International Trade” will enable young people from Germany, Finland, England, Italy, Malta and The Netherlands to investigate the topic of virtual international trade. They will experience different cultures by studying and working together to understand the need for European cooperation in business and industry.
The IT students will be responsible for the foundation of the project; they need to design the virtual environment which will allow the Trade students to set up their companies and to communicate with the others tthe base In order to Students need to design a virtual environment/company/website in order to be able to do establish contacts with the other parties involved. (e.g. video conferencing, virtual classroom).
This will enable the students to develop their professional skills  as well as their IT competences. In addition, students have to write a business plan including conducting International Marketing Research and a SWOT analysis etc. The project will enable students to understand and design solutions by investigation, analysis of data and practical application. Each partner will set up case studies of good trade practice in their country to be shared across the group. The technology behind the source, its benefits and challenges will be explored and analysed.

Partenariato Scolastico Multilaterale COMENIUS 2013 dal titolo VIRTUAL TRADE, REAL SAVINGS  


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